Prime® Umidax®

MDF Prime® Umidax® allows for an excellent paint finish while saving cost and time. After degreasing and (light) sanding the panel surface may be finished immediately in the desired colour – matt, silk or high gloss – using a solvent-based or water- based coating.


MDF Prime® Umidax® has low level of formaldehyde emissions(Class E1). It is suitable for interior decoration and furniture applications and highly popular among IDY enthusiasts.


The two-sided, industrially applied white UV primer offers the following benefits: 

  • A smoother end result than with a manually applied primer, partly thanks to correct and controlled paint distribution

  • The UV primer coating is cured using ultra- violet light, resulting in a more impact- and wear-resistant surface

  • Excellent adhesion, even with water-based coatings

  • Correct colour rendering of the paint, therefore a perfectly coloured end result

  • Cost and time savings: less paint consumption due to lower absorption, and less paint work required

  • Easy finishing of joints and screws with fine fillers and intermediate sanding